Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Atelier Rorona Review (preview?) Surfaces

Original source c/o the usual weekly GK (sony) fanboy on 2ch.

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From the July 2009 edition of Gemaga

Atelier Rorona is an RPG which has a puzzle-esque aspect in which you gather materials and transmute them within a limited amount of time to pass various exams set forth. As long as you clear these exams which crop up on a regular basis, you're free to do what your heart desires, whether it be helping townsfolk out and earning money, gathering mats and transmuting left and right or what not. Thus, the amount of freedom granted to the player in this game is extremely high.

Because exams are designed so that
you're able to clear them in a just barely a timely manner, I told myself often, "I can do this with just a little more time!" and ended up prolonging my play time.

The alchemy system is simple, but for those that want to delve into more of it, there is an advanced system prepared as well so gamers new and old to the Atelier series will be able to enjoy this game easily. In addition, the musical score contains some amazing tracks. Highly recommended.

Recommended for these types of gamers:
People that are looking for a game which has a LOT of replayability
People who like Rorona's character design

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