Monday, May 25, 2009

A Few New Clips from Atelier Rorona Soundtrack

3 tracks from Atelier Rorona are embedded in the official site. A track listing for the 2 CD original soundtrack, as well as some preview clips are available at the OST homepage.

I've gone ahead and compiled the 45second clips into one video here. Track listing can be found underneath the video.

0:00~ 森の散策 / A Stroll in the Forest
0:45~ 困ったときは相談してね / Talk with me if you're Troubled
1:30~ 父と母 / Father and Mother
2:15~ Ultimate Rondo
3:00~ 地下に眠る基地 / A Base that Slumbers Underground
3:45~ ひなたぼっこ / Sunbathing
4:30~ 水辺の詩 / Poem of the Shore
5:15~ いいコトあるかも / Something Nice Might Happen
6:00~ 古代樹の鼓動 / Heart Beat of the Ancient Tree
6:45~ Nose Dive
7:30~ Eyes of the Dragon

Typical GUST fare which conveys the light hearted nature present in most of their games. If you enjoyed the Mana Khemia soundtrack as well as the non-vocal Ar Tonelico soundtracks, you'll most likely enjoy the music Atelier Rorona has to offer as well. Scheduled to go on sale on June 24, a day before release of Atelier Rorona

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