Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dengeki PS Nomura Interview Cliffnotes

Dengeki Nomura Interview Summary (not verified)
-There will be some type of announcement in the game archives in the future
-Not involved in FF13 much anymore; design, voice recording, and marketing only
-Currently focusing on Versus and Agito
-Agito's battle system has taken on a form different from previously shown battle scenes
-Even though it's on PSP, Agito aims to be the pinnacle of this generation (of handhelds?)
-Third Birthday can be played through the prologue
-Looking forward to the final product
-Looking to create a masterpiece
-Versus members are more or less the same as FF7 members and everyone is working very synergistically
-Synergistic team isn't making compromises, so the quality is naturally going up
-I try to audit the progress, but because everyone is auditing themselves very severely, most problems are cleared at lower levels
-Currently testing battle system and map gimmicks (?)
-Town lighting test for day and night were inspected and it felt as though the town really existed in front of me
-I really want to show, right away, character's actions when they're left alone for a while
-Please wait a little bit longer for new Versus information. Once we get to a certain point, I will show you something very surprising
-New images/videos(?) for FF13 will be shown at E3

Edit: From the limited text I could read, it appears that a good portion of the above are valid.

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